XVARHNAH release debut EP


Atmospheric doom black metal band Xvarhnah from Italy started out in 2014 as a duo, with founding members Æterna (vocals and lyrics, also in Nahabat, ex-Streben) and Veirg (guitars and bass, also in Suicide Emotions and Astray) sharing songwriting duties. Their debut release “Crown” is a 3-track EP, which sees Anamnesi (Simulacro, Absentia Lunae, Vultur) filling the empty slot behind drums. Although this is by no means representative of the future musical directions of the project, ”Crown” displays an atmospheric, doom-laden black metal sound with vocals ranging from harsh to clean. Lyrical themes are centered on spiritual elevation, dealt with from a human, emotional standpoint. The EP was released on February 25th, 2015 via Depressive Illusions Records in a limited CD-R edition of 66 copies.

1. Oriflamme
2. Crown
3. Endtime

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