TENGGER CAVALRY re-record demo album

TENGGER CAVALRY - Blood Sacrifice Shaman

Mongolian folk metal band Tengger Cavalry from China will release a re-recorded version of its demo album “血祭萨满 – Blood Sacrifice Shaman” via Metal Hell Records on May 18th, 2015. The music on “Blood Sacrifice Shaman” has been completely re-recorded and the tracklist has been expanded compared to the original 2010 China limited release. Tengger Cavalry combine heavy metal with ancient shamanic ritual music and Mongolian folk, featuring horse-head fiddle and throat singing as well as frame drum, shaman bell and many more diverse ethnic instruments. The CD features a 12-page booklet and two bonus tracks from the original. Currently all principal recordings have been completed and the album will soon enter the post production & mixing stage. The title, concept and artwork of this album reflects the philosophy of ancient shamanism. Shamanism is the earliest religion in human history, which exalts nature, the grassland, forest and animals. A shaman is a person with the wisdom to understand nature, they could travel to the heavens to communicate with the gods of the wild. Blood sacrifice is one of the most primal forms of sacrifice, with the offering an animal’s blood to the sky father to show veneration. The artwork concept comes from the ancient pattern from the shaman drum, which represents the balance between the livings and nature. The wolf, as the guardian of the wild, keeps the balance of the ecosystem. In the center of the album is the Mongolian knot, which symbolizes peace, unite, happiness and strength.


Tengger Cavalry’s third official album, the critically acclaimed “Ancient Call” (2014 Metal Hell Records) saw them explore the field of pagan folk metal at an all new level, gaining praise from folk metal fans worldwide. “Ancient Call” retained the characteristic brutal sound from the first official album “Sunesu Cavalry” (2012) and the moody melodies found on the second release “The Expedition” (2013). The re-recorded “Blood Sacrifice Shaman” promises to continue Tengger Cavalry’s tradition of releasing some of the most original and exciting albums in the folk metal genre! “Blood Sacrifice Shaman” will be officially released on May 18th, 2015, but it is already available for pre-order on Metal Hell Records’s web-store.

1. Соёмбо (Hymn Of The Mongolian Totem)
2. Tengger Cavalry
3. Horseman
4. Rootless
5. The Wolf Ritual
6. The Native
7. Blood Sacrifice Shaman
8. Hero
9. Spirits
Bonus tracks:
10. Tengger Cavalry (2009)
11. Blood Sacrifice Shaman (2009)

Tengger Cavalry official page
Tengger Cavalry @ Facebook
Tengger Cavalry @ Bandcamp


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