FIMBULVET – Kriegerwahn

FIMBULVET – Kriegerwahn

Origin: Germany
Genre: Epic Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Nocturnal Empire
Year: 2009

Fimbulvet is a German epic black metal band from Thuringia that had impressed me with its second album “Der Ruf in Goldene Hallen” in 2008. One year later they return with a new release, something between a new full length and an EP, since “Kriegerwahn” contains only five new songs, but it lasts for almost half an hour (29 minutes).

Their style remains unchanged, melodic epic pagan metal with extreme and clean vocals. The guest appearances of Heiko Gerull of Menhir and Stickel from Odroerir can give you a hint of the music style of this album. Epic melodic riffing rules their synths-free compositions and is often combined with acoustic guitars. Stephan’s amazing clean vocals complete the melodies of their songs, while his brutal screaming ones give them the needed aggression. I believe though that this EP lacks a little in power because the “black” parts are used often as a bridge for the epic refrains of the songs and the main effort in composition goes to the melodic lines. Luckily enough, there are also parts where the black vocals are combined more successfully with the faster melodic riffs and there is when the band becomes really good! Undoubtedly I enjoyed this album, since I like this genre a lot and Fimbulvet are very good at it. It leaves me though with the impression that it was a little hasty and the band could wait for a more complete album.

Kriegerwahn” it’s not the next step forward for the band, since it feels more like these songs were written together with the ones from the previous album. On the other hand if you look at the music itself it’s a very good work, much above the average albums of the genre. It’s released by their new label Nocturnal Empire both in jewel case and in a limited to 500 copies digipak version. If you don’t know Fimbulvet at all, I would suggest you to start with “Der Ruf in Goldene Hallen”.


Rating:  (8/10)

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