DWIMOR reveal upcoming debut album details

DWIMOR - When Winter Cries

Argentinian blackened folk metallers Dwimor will soon release their debut full-length album entitled “When Winter Cries…” via Furias Records. Dwinor is a quite old band, since they were formed back in 1997, but they have only released 3 demos so far. Their debut album was recorded during 2014 and it contains 9 tracks plus the 2006 “Demo III” (4 more tracks) as bonus. Concerning the music, they prefer to name their style as “blackened folk metal”, since it is not exactly black, nor exactly folk, yet it contains Nordic, Celtic and even South-American folk melodies. The lyrical concept is based on fantasy and cosmic horror books mostly, nothing related to mythology or real cultures. Dwinor have already unveiled the cover artwork and the tracklist for When Winter Cries…“. Release dates will be announced soon.

01. Intro
02. When Winter Cries
03. Light of Taurus
04. One Last Morning
05. Raging Waves
06. Eye of the Night
07. From the Abyss of Time
08. Beyond the Cold Stars
09. Outro

Bonus tracks: “Demo III”
10. Dwimor (Part I)
11. Buried on the Past
12. Somber Hearts
13. Dwimor (Part II)

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