SYCRONOMICA – Sycroscope

SYCRONOMICA – Sycroscope

Origin: Germany
Genre: Epic Black Metal Melodic Black Metal
Label: Silverwolf Productions
Year: 2009

Sycroscope” is the third album from the German band. They were formed in 1996 when they released their first demo, but it took them 8 years to release their debut full-length album “Paths” in 2004. Then they changed label to release “Gate” in 2006 and now they signed with Silverwolf Productions for this new album (three different labels so far).

Sycronomica play melodic symphonic black metal with an epic mood and some folk touches. They have a decent production for this demanding genre and a solid sound, even if the sound of synths should be more powerful and “real” in my opinion. Their songs are very well composed with many interesting ideas and a variety in rhythm, power and atmosphere. I’d also like to comment the excellent vocals in this work; both the majestic brutal ones and the epic clean ones. Guitars and synths have the first word in the melodies, changing the leading role between them. There also parts where operatic clean vocals sing the lead melodic lines and these are the parts that I find most interesting in this album. The 9 songs of “Sycroscope” last for 55 minutes and their lyrics are half in English and half in German. I believe though that some parts in the songs are not “that necessary” and it would be in favor of the band if the album was shorter, keeping only the best elements of their music.

Overall Sycronomica have made a big effort in this album and the result is quite satisfying. What stops them from making something bigger, in my opinion, is the lack of something fresh and personal in their sound that will make the listener recognize them among the countless releases of this genre. Anyway it’s not a band that should be overlooked by fans of the genre and you can check it on your own in the links below.


Rating:  (7,5/10)

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