EMERALD NIGHT reveal upcoming album details

EMERALD NIGHT - Vo Mrake - Per Umbras

Fairy folk black metal band Emerald Night from Moscow, Russia has unveiled the cover artwork and tracklist of its upcoming full-length album “Во Мраке / Per Umbras“, which will be released in April 2015 via the Russian label SoundAge Productions. Album artwork is one of the earliest works of Alexander Tartsus (Sinister, Stigmatic Chorus, Atra Mustum, Izmoroz, etc.). This painting is in the spirit of epic canvases by Theodor Severin Kittelsen and nothing could reflect better the spirit of this album. The sound quality is guaranteed by the Moscow Studio Arsafes Records, while Arsafes also appears as guitarist and vocalist in this album. “Во Мраке / Per Umbras” is the most heavy and diverse album of Emerald Night up to date, full of dramatic scenes and bright catchy tunes that will please the fans of the band.

1. Сумеречный Берег / Twilight Coast
2. Страна Желанная / The Land of Faraway
3. Ночной гость / Night Guest
4. Небесный бой / Celestial Battle
5. Собака Баскервилей / Hound of the Baskervilles
6. Ночной смотр / Night Review
7. Призрак оперы / The Phantom of the Opera
8. Рыжая ведьма / The Red-haired Witch
9. Полет дракона / Flying Dragon
10. Is That You, Melissa (Mercyful Fate cover)

Emerald Night @ VK


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