NIHASA – Brahamanda Xul Grimoire

NIHASA - Brahamanda Xul Grimoire

Origin: Greece
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Zyklon-B Productions
Year: 2009

Nihasa is a new project of Acherontas (who is also behind the bands Acherontas and Stutthof) and Porphyrion (former singer of Kawir). “Brahamanda Xul Grimoire” is their first album and it sounds very interesting. They will also release a split EP with Drowning the Light and Possession Ritual on September.

Even though their thematology remains close to Acherontas, their sound is quite different. They have a more old school black metal approach and a less “occult” atmosphere. Except for the opening and closing instrumental tracks, there are 4 long songs in this album, all of them in the same style. Mid-tempo, atmospheric riffs, accompanied by a melodic layer of keyboards and the haunting vocals of both Acherontas and Porphyrion (in one song), who once again did an excellent job, much different than the way he sang on Kawir. There is a very dark and depressive mood through the whole work, following the astral satanic journeys of their lyrics. The compositions are great and my only “doubt” is the two long instrumental tracks, that can’t reach the level of the rest of the album (unlike the impressive instrumentals on Stutthoff and Acherontas). Anyway, maybe this works in favor of the rest of the album… Acherontas and Porphyrion found an ideal balance between raw black metal and melodic elements in the songwriting and the outcome is “Brahamanda Xul Grimoire”. I believe though that production could be clearer at the parts where synths become more dominant, but that’s a detail, since their sound fits perfectly with their music.

“Brahamanda Xul Grimoire” is overall a very good album and its strongest “card” is the amazing 11-minute song “Shibalba”. Nihasa don’t try to add something groundbreaking and new in the genre, but they offer their personal version of black metal. Their album is released by Zyklon-B Productions, who like always did a very professional artwork. It is released both in CD and LP, while there is also a limited to 100 pieces A5 leather-book edition with silver printings! You can get a taste of the band in their myspace page.


Rating:  (8/10)

Nihasa @ Myspace

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