BOTANIST to release Euro Tour EP!

BOTANIST - Hammer of Botany

Green metallers Botanist from San Francisco, USA have announced the 5-song, 20-minute EP “Hammer of Botany“, which will be available for sale at their European shows, starting on April 8, 2015. It will be released on CD and is limited to a one-time pressing of 250 copies. Once it’s sold out, it will not be repressed. In case you don’t live in Europe (or can’t make it to the shows), the EP will be available for anyone to buy on their official Bandcamp page, while the tour is in progress (and while physical supplies last), but once the tour is over, they will take it down (if there are any left). The digital download will always remain available. Botanist is a really unique band, playing a kind of post black metal, using only dulcimers, harmonium, 12-string bass, drums and vocals, worshiping the Natural World!

Hammer of Botany” refers to the EP’s titular character, Arctopoides, a hammer-wielding floral giant who walks the earth and is invisible to man. In his wake, the Sanicle Prince leaves behind the Footsteps of Spring, small patches of clustered yellow flowers that heal the ravaged land. Where there was wasteland and desolation, Arctopoides brings rebirth. The recording comes from the vaults of Botanist’s one-man period. The drums were recorded in 2011 and the rest of the instruments and vocals in 2013. We will be featuring one of the songs from the album on tour. The band has unveiled the beautiful cover art, created by Irrwisch and the album tracklist. This is Botanist’s 2nd EP, following 2013′s “The Hanging Gardens of Hell“. You better visit this unusual band’s official pages and give them a listen!

1. The Footsteps of Spring
2. Flame of the Forest
3. Upon the Petals of Flowers
4. Stachys Olympica
5. Pelargonium Triste

Botanist official page
Botanist @ Facebook
Botanist @ Bandcamp


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  1. This band is absolutely awesome and creative. Tempted to see them live in Paris, if so I will probably get that Tour EP Smilie: :)

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