MYRKVAR – Als Een Woeste Horde

MYRKVAR – Als Een Woeste Horde

Origin: Netherlands
Genre: Folk Black Metal
Label: Shiver Records
Year: 2008

Myrkvar is another band from the Dutch folk metal scene that seems to flourish these days (Grimm, Heidevolk, Elexorien, Thronar. etc). Formed in 2003 they released two demos before their first album is complete. Now they signed in Shiver Records to release their “Als Een Woeste Horde” debut CD.

Their music is folk black metal and they are very good at it… Black metal guitars and vocals meet folk instruments in a bizarre mix. The production is ok (not perfect or “polished”) and this is something that gives them a very personal sound. The ideas on the folk tunes are very innovative and some of the best I’ve ever heard! They are very original and they don’t sound like many “clone” bands that come around these days. The tempo isn’t very fast and their black metal not too extreme. There is variety in their music; other times metal riffs dominate the music and other times kick-ass folk melodies take the leading role. They have a personal sound and a somehow “primitive” and “amateur” approach that works just perfect! In my opinion in traditional folk music all you need is the right “feeling” and not skill perfection. And since I like this album very much I hope their sound is not a matter of budget and I wish they will remain this way in the future. Unluckily there are many bands that lost their originality after improving their production…

If you like pagan folk black metal and want bands that sound original and have a true respect on traditional music and a different approach on folk elements in metal, I totally recommend Myrkvar. You can get a taste of their music on the links below.


Rating:  (9/10)

Myrkvar @ Facebook
Myrkvar @ Myspace

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