AD PLENITATEM LUNAE will release new single


Ad Plenitatem Lunae, the Italian Medieval folk metal band from Udine, has announced that its new single “Acuile Uarbe” will be released for free download on March 25th 2015. Ad Plenitatem Lunae were founded in 2005 and after a demo in 2010, they released their debut full-length album “Tempus Non Est Iocundum” in 2012. The upcoming “Acuile Uarbe” is a self produced song and their guitarist David Bressani did the recording and mixing. The title means “Blind Eagle” in Furlan, the language of their region, Friuli (north-east of Italy), which is the language the band uses to write its music. ”Acuile Uarbe” is a dark folk metal song, with a good deal of keyboards that speaks about not following a leader blindly, without ever asking any questions, even if your goals are the same.

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