SKYFORGER release first single from upcoming album

Skyforger, the pagan metal band from Latvia, present the first single “Tagad vai nekad / Now or Never” taken from their upcoming full-length album “Senprūsija“.

The song tells about the Great Prussian uprising in 1260 – 1274, when the Prussian tribes almost succeeded in driving the Order of Teutonic Knights out of Prussia. However, due to the continuous influx of fresh manpower from Europe and many European leaders joining the conflict, the uprising was suppressed and the Prussians had to once again yield the Teutonic Order. More about it you will find in CD booklet. “Senprūsija” (“Old Prussia” in English) will be out on April 6th, 2015 via their own label Thunderforge Records. You can already pre-order the luxury CD at Skyforger’s website.

Skyforger official page
Skyforger @ Facebook
Skyforger @ Twitter


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  1. It’s a truly great track, I like it a lot Smilie: :)

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