SALDUIE – Imbolc

SALDUIE - Imbolc

Origin: Spain
Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

Spanish folk metallers Salduie have recently released their debut full-length album, entitled “Imbolc“. The band was formed in the summer of 2010 in Zaragoza with the intention to play Celtic folk metal, naming the biggest bands of this genre among their basic influences. They released the single “La Senda del Cierzo” in the end of 2013 and soon after they recorded their debut album, which was finally self-released on November 15th, 2014.       

The first thing I have to comment about Salduie is their really interesting and professionally produced sound. They are mixing epic folk power metal and Celtic pagan metal in a really inspired combination. Symphonic fantasy elements, acoustic folk ballad-like passages, epic death metal influences and a wide variety of traditional instruments complete their sound puzzle. “Imbolc” includes 11 tracks with a total duration of 45 minutes. They have a quite technical sound, where heavy riffs and beautiful lead guitar lines are combined with flutes, whistles, bagpipes, Irish bouzouki, dulzaina and bodhran in a very melodic folkish result. They sing mostly with clean folk power metal vocals (in the characteristic style of Spanish bands), enriched by brutal growls and many wonderful choirs. Unlike many new bands of the genre, Salduie do an amazing job in the vocals, with a great variety and above all correct singers and beautiful voices! The band has a very balanced sound, where powerful guitars, drums, synths and folk instruments are all heard perfectly clear. However, it’s their acoustic traditional instruments and vocals that steal the show, since their compositions are focused on them. Existing traditional melodies, new folk tunes and epic melodic metal, in a perfect marriage. Their orchestrations are very rich and their compositions both complex and catchy at the same time. My favorite parts in the album are the enchanting solos of their folk instruments and especially the flutes, while the song I like the most is “Numancia“, their most epic symphonic composition! Salduie sing in their native language and their songs have a positive uplifting mood. “Imbolc” lyrics are based on ancient myths and history of the pre-Roman Iberian Peninsula, focusing on the Celtiberians and their struggle against Rome.

Salduie have released an incredibly mature and complete album for such a new band. I really can’t find anything negative, nor I see something that needs improvement. I only have to congratulate them and hope they continue this way in the future! ”Imbolc” is a brilliant album totally recommended to all folk metal fans. It is self-released in a standard jewel-case edition CD with a beautiful 20-page booklet, illustrated by Luis Hermosilla. You better visit their official pages below and get in touch with their wonderful music.


Rating: Rating 9,5-10 (9,5/10)

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