TYRAKK released debut album

TYRAKK - A Tale of Naardakh

French epic black metal one-man project Tyrakk from Lyon has just released its debut full-length album “A Tale of Naardakh“. The band was formed in November 2013 by its sole member Tyrakk and at first it was just for the fun. Soon he began to create a real universe, so the project became more serious. The debut album “A Tale of Naardakh” tells the story of this universe: In the kingdom of Naardakh, a malefic monster wants to reign on the world, but there is Tyrakk, the Protector of the Kingdom who leads an army to fight this monster. For now the album is released only digitally and is available for download in the band’s official Bandcamp page.

1. (Prelude) Vast Plains of Naardakh ( 01:19 )                       
2. Protector of Naardakh ( 02:15 )
3. The Ritual ( 02:16 )
4. The End of the Eternal Conflict ( 05:01 )
5. The Light Rebellion ( 03:44 )
6. The Long March to the White Mountain – The Moonblade ( 08:18 )
7. A Song of Desolation ( 04:34 )
8. Doomsday Has Come ( 05:35 )
9. Tyrakk Is Rising ( 05:04 )
10. Our Last Chance ( 07:26 )
11. Tyrakk Becomes the King ( 04:29 )

Tyrakk @ Facebook
Tyrakk @ Bandcamp


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