MOONLYGHT unveil upcoming album details

MOONLYGHT - Return to Desolation

Canadian melodic progressive dark metal band Moonlyght from Quebec has revealed the first details of its upcoming third full-length album, entitled “Return to Desolation“! The official release date is July 7th 2015 and it will be out via the Canadian label Blast Head Records. Moonlyght were formed in the beginning of 1995 and released their debut album “Progressive Darkness” in 2002, followed by “Shining” in 2008. The same year the band split up, but they were finally re-united in 2011 and started working on “Return to Desolation“. As usual, they will have some guest musicians on the new album: Catherine Elvira Chartier (viola, from Liva) and Julie Lemelin (female vocals). Tommy Demers from Blinded by Faith will also make a guest appearance on vocals, while their former guitarist Simon Rhéaume Goulet will play a guitar solo on the 10-minute song “Universal Pain“. Cover artwork and album tracklist are already unveiled.

1. Return to Desolation
2. Human Rememberance
3. Dwelling in Earth’s Shadow
4. A Distant Illusion of Freedom
5. Universal Pain
6. The Sweet Poisonned Light
7. (To a) Ghastly Future
8. Revelations from the Other Side
9. Blowing Winds

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