FAETHON – Immortal Ancient Spirit

FAETHON – Immortal Ancient Spirit

Origin: Greece
Genre: Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Blazing Productions
Year: 2009

Faethon is a Hellenic band that was formed in 2004 by Apollo, who is also their only member. His origin is from Trikala and “Immortal Ancient Spirit” is his first full-length. Before that, he released 3 demos: “Faethon” and “Pagan Revival” in 2006 and “Europa Uber Alles” in 2007. The new album contains 3 songs from “Europa Uber Alles”, 2 new songs and 2 covers on Absurd and Thor’s Hammer.

As someone can assume from the album titles and the artwork, Faethon play underground black metal with an NS touch, as well as some pagan folk elements. The album begins with a long ambient intro that lasts for more than 9 minutes and could be less extended in my opinion… The rest of the songs (except for the folk ambient outro) move in a raw mid-tempo black metal style with a really underground un-edited sound! I suppose this production is on purpose so “dirty”, but in my opinion it “kills” some nice ideas hidden in the depth of the songs. Of course some die-hard fans of this sound will appreciate the overall sound! Apart from the production, Faethon’s songs are very interesting. There are many atmospheric keyboards accompanying the songs as well as some folk instruments (mainly flutes) giving a pagan nostalgic feeling to the compositions. My favorite song of the band is “The Forest is Alive” that has a more folkloric approach. Lyrics according to Apollo “deal with Heathenism, European comradeship and unity, European culture and partly esoteric National Socialism”. Most of them are in English, but there are also some Hellenic parts inside them.

Overall I would say that Faethon released a promising debut and I am really looking forward to something more complete and solid from them in the future. And maybe “Immortal Ancient Spirit” lasts for 43 minutes, but there are actually only 3 typical songs of the band in it. If it was presented as a demo, the rate would be bigger, but for an official debut release the production needs serious improvement. The band also released another CD in January 2010 “Summoning the Spirits of the Past”, a collection that contains their 3 demos. Here is the link to their myspace page to get a first taste of their music.


Rating:  (6/10)

Faethon @ Myspace

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