FALGAR reveal upcoming album details

FALGAR - Viento y Fango

Puerto Rican neofolk band Falgar has announced the release date of its upcoming 5th full-length, entitled “Viento y Fango” (“Wind and Mud” in English). “Viento y Fango” was recorded independently between March and June of 2014 and will be released on June 15, 2015 in a limited to 50 copies digipak edition CD via Latinus Productions. Falgar is the one man project of Etienne Goldberg Santini that began in fall of 2007 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but is now located and active in Vermont & PR as of late 2011. The band started as a black metal project, until its last album “Lejanía“, where Etienne made a a major change in genre, experimenting in neofolk paths. “Viento y Fango” includes 10 tracks of slow-paced acoustic neofolk music with haunting and atmospheric vocal work. The band has already revealed the album tracklist and the cover art, which is a painting by Edward Steichen entitled “Road into the Valley” (1904). According to Etienne: “this album is an attempt to harness the images that claimed my heart once when I was very young. The elemental signs and archetype that have given light to my spirit when all else has failed. It is also a journey through the seasons, becoming the seasons themselves, dying and coming back to life with them“.

1. Eurídice
2. Patria
3. Hojas de Abril
4. Cordillera
5. Luna
6. Invierno
7. Descendiendo
8. Encuentro
9. Río del Tiempo
10. Honra

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