FROM THE SUNSET, FOREST AND GRIEF – … Empty, Cold & Forgotten…


Origin: Mexico
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Depressive Black Metal
Label: Naturmacht Productions
Year: 2009

From the Sunset, Forest and Grief is the solo project of Daniel Cuvarrubias from Mexico. The band was formed in 2002, but it was only the end of 2009 when the debut album “… Empty, Cold & Forgotten…” was released by the German label Naturmacht Productions.

The band presents a dark depressive nature inspired black metal album, definitely keyboard based, with really dark melancholic melodies. Guitars and drums have a more secondary role in the melodies, creating a mid-tempo rhythmic background for the synths. Dan’s vocals are definitely extreme and raw, making a great contradiction (at a first listening) with the very melodic and atmospheric orchestration of his music. This contradiction though, works in favor of the overall result, since both “sides” seem to balance on a very thin line, completing each other. There are also many acoustic passages in the songs, adding a bigger variety in their music. Their lyrics deal with nature, depression and human suffering… There are 5 long songs plus an intro and the album lasts for more than 45 minutes. Their sound and production can take improvement for sure, especially if they want to offer us something more ambitious in the future. For a first effort the production is ok, even though I’d prefer it to sound more “natural” and less “computerized”.

Overall, From the Sunset, Forest and Grief make a very interesting debut of slow-driven melodic black metal, with many great ideas in the compositions and a very melancholic atmosphere. Dan seems to have the inspiration and the ability to compose and perform great music and with some sound improvement I expect better things in the future. Anyway “… Empty, Cold & Forgotten…” is a good release and fans of the genre should check it.


Rating:  (7,5/10)

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