ARSH ANUBIS debut album is out

ARSH ANUBIS - Netherworld Oracles

International Middle Eastern black metal band Arsh Anubis from Egypt, Morocco and USA has released today its debut album “Netherworld Oracles“. Arsh Anubis was formed by Arcane and Apophis in 2012 and its lyrical themes talk about the ancient Egyptian and Greek mythologies, especially about Egympus, a new kingdom the band has created. The working title of the debut album has been “Hymn of Egympus“, until recently that it was finally changed to “Netherworld Oracles“. The band is still finishing a few details and might edit some stuff, but they didn’t want to let their fans wait any longer, so the album is available now on YouTube for free. Soon it will be available in its final edition on iTunes too. Currently Arsh Anubis are working on their second album, whose recording sessions will hopefully begin this summer.

1. Em Heset Net Anubis
2. Endless Aunslaught
3. Horus and Ares (Bless This War)
4. Mellenium Tombstone
5. Resurrection of Apep
6. The Saurian Necromancy
7. Walk Through the Black Fog

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