DISSIMULATION and OBTEST will release split EP

Donce_LP su nugarele_kirtiklis_curves.cdr

Two legendary Lithuanian bands, black thrash metallers Dissimulation and pagan black metallers Obtest, will join their creative forces for the release of an exceptional split EP, coded under “77” title. Both bands have prepared completely new song each, and beside that they have interpreted the music of each other. Seventh son of a seventh son, unsolved enigma, two numbers enshrouded by symbolic mystery, sowing fear and taking up a special place in vastness of numerology, magnetizing with its geometrical perfection. Appearing in right veins, the two sevens challenge an alchemic reaction and gives it a brand new meaning: two scythes that strike against Lithuanian underground music stones. 77 is not just a symbol, but also the date unifying two bands, that turned into the cornerstone of new release. 1977 is the birth year of all three Dissimulation members – Stabmeldys, Nekrofagas and Venomous, as well as core Obtest musicians – Sadlave, Baalberith and Insmuth. Without any deep research it is very likely that year of the Snake has its share in longevity of this rigorous, distinctive and memorable music. New tracks fully confirm the enduring creative value of both collectives. ”77” EP will be released via Ledo Takas Records on April 18, 2015 and it is already available for pre-order in the label’s webshop in the following editions:

- CD edition with eight page booklet in super jewel box is limited to 1000 units
- 12” black vinyl 45rpm edition with two-sided A2 poster and pro-printed lyric sheet is limited to 250 hand-numbered units, 77 of them come as deluxe diehard version with bonus 77 patch and a set of six collectable cards

1. Dissimulation – Inferna Profundus
2. Dissimulation – 77
3. Dissimulation – Dvylika Juodvarnių (original song and adaptation of Obtest lyrics)
4. Obtest – Myriop
5. Obtest – Grąžinkit Mirusius! (original interpretation of Dissimulation’s song)

Dissimulation @ Facebook
Obtest official page
Obtest @ Facebook
Obtest @ Twitter


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