FJOERGYN – Jahreszeiten

FJOERGYN – Jahreszeiten

Origin: Germany
Genre: Avant-garde Metal Melodic Black Metal
Label: Trollzorn - SMP Records
Year: 2009

The third chapter of Fjoergyn’s trilogy is finally out. They come from Germany and particularly from Thuringia, a place with many great bands. So far they have released one album every two years. They were formed in 2003 by Stephan Löscher (also on another great Thuringian band Die Saat) and it took him exactly two years to release the debut “Ernte im Herbst” and two more years for their second work “Sade et Masoch” in 2007. And at the end of 2009 we have this album released by their new label Trollzorn.

If you have listened to their previous albums, then you know that they are not a typical band. Their music is really complex; they move from genre to genre and change their music style with great dexterity. I would say though that the term melodic orchestral black metal could give a first impression. Of course we are talking about a very experimental album from a band that doesn’t chose the safe path, but the result totally vindicates them! There are nine songs in this album that is divided in four parts, one for each of the four seasons (Jahreszeiten means Seasons in English). The untypical song structures make each track merge with the other and all together they form a 53-minute black metal musical entity. And this is the way it should be seen: as a whole album and not separate tracks. It isn’t easy to get the whole picture at first and it needs to be listened more times before it reveals all its greatness. With Fjoergyn’s unique composing skills the band managed to combine epic, folk black metal, with progressive metal, heavy metal, rock, amazing (really amazing) classical passages with an avant-garde theatrical approach. The vocals are once again excellent and match the variety of their music. Typical brutal black / death metal screams, progressive metal vocals, clean epic ones, choirs, operatic ones and whispering vocals follow their music soundscapes, all sang by the band’s founder and mastermind Stephan. He also plays keyboards and guitars and he made the orchestral arrangements, editing and mixing (in other words almost everything)! “Jahreszeiten” has a powerful and solid production and despite the extended use of synths, their music doesn’t sound overloaded and every instrument has the needed “air to breath”, something that allows the correct balance in their complex compositions.

The album is released by the German label Trollzorn (who has announced many more interesting releases this year) in two versions. The first one is a limited to 365 copies metal box (already sold-out) and the other a digipak version. Once again their artwork is quite enigmatic and like both previous works on a white background. If you are open minded this album really deserves your time and since it’s not easy to describe it, the best way to get an idea of what Fjoergyn play is to actually listen to their music. So visit their official pages to listen to various songs from all three albums.


Rating:  (9/10)

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