ISENMOR will soon release debut EP

ISENMOR - Land of the Setting Sun

Vinlandic folk metal band Isenmor from Baltimore, Maryland (USA) is proud to announce that its debut EP “Land of the Setting Sun” will be self-released on Summer Solstice, June 21, 2015! It will be released in CD format and in digital format on all major online music retailers and music streaming services. “Land of the Setting Sun“, opens with “Death is a Fine Companion”, a song as brutal and chaotic as the tale of battle it tells. “Pyre” follows as a somber reminder of the reality of war and the lives it costs. The powerful title track “Land of the Setting Sun”, captures the spirit of adventure and curiosity in men that inspired the voyages of discovery to Vinland. “So Willingly Deceived” is a solemn track, mourning men’s abandonment of their old gods for Christianity. And like a good drink at the end of the day, the EP finishes with the lively closer “The Old Mead Hall”. The CD version includes also covers of Ensiferum’s “In My Sword I Trust” and Eluveitie’s “Havoc“, as well as acoustic versions of “Pyre” and “So Willingly Deceived“. It features art by Knud Baade and John Charles Dollman. Pre-orders for both CD and digital versions are available via Isenmor’s Bandcamp page. Pre-orders include an immediate download of the opening track, “Death is a Fine Companion”.

1. Death is a Fine Companion
2. Pyre
3. Land of the Setting Sun
4. So Willingly Deceived
5. The Old Mead Hall

Isenmor official page
Isenmor @ Facebook
Isenmor @ Twitter
Isenmor @ Bandcamp


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