Origin: Russia
Genre: Experimental Melodic Black Metal Neoclassical
Label: Haarbn Productions
Year: 2009

Nauthisuruz is a very interesting band from Russia. Its two members Casurus and Sequoror founded it in 2006 and since then they have composed 7 albums! So far only two of them have been officially released: the fourth “Sanity Funeral” in CD-r by Rigorism Productions in 2007 and now Haarbn Productions released their fifth album “Visions”. Since it’s actually the first professionally printed album it’s most like a “debut” for the band.

It isn’t easy to categorize their music. There are various influences and many styles in this album. Atmospheric, Neoclassical, experimental symphonic black metal are some of the terms that can give an idea of their music, but then again they are not enough. Half of the album is instrumental and as expected synths have a very important role in their songs. If you are looking for a typical metal album with excellent skills and powerful production, then Nauthisuruz isn’t for you. But if you are looking for something else, where composition and inspiration is your only concern, then you must check them. They offer something different, experimental and personal with a more than decent and very interesting result.

Their music is dominated by the keyboards, which are cooperating perfectly with the guitars and all their beautiful melodies are supported by a good production. Of course it can be improved, but then again for a self produced and computer programmed album, it’s more than enough. There are epic and majestic parts in their music as well as others more calm and atmospheric. They even dare to experiment with some electronic elements and it works very well! Vocals in my opinion aren’t yet at the same level with the album’s melodies. They are brutal, ranging between black and death, with which I totally agree, but something is missing… The overall result can’t be considered too extreme, so I think they can touch a wider range of listeners. Someone could find some references to Summoning’s sound, but Nauthisuruz aren’t that epic and LotR oriented. Their lyrics deal with epic and fantasy themes, but in a more abstract approach. This album must be seen as a full piece, instead of separate tracks. “Visions” has an epic symphonic, mystical atmosphere and its magical aura can “travel” the listener far away… There are many parts in the songs (especially the instrumental parts) where the music is simply enchanting.

I believe Nauthisuruz is a band that deserves your attention. In their official siteyou can download all of their albums (including this one) so you can see for yourself. If you are interested in buying this release I believe the best way is through their label’s page. It comes also with two bonus tracks and a nicely illustrated booklet. If you only want a faster contact with their music you can just visit their mypace page to listen to some of their songs.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Nauthisuruz @ Myspace

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