IMBARU will release piano compilation on CD

IMBARU - Series Oniricas

Chilean neofolk ambient project Imbaru will release the piano compilation “Series Oníricas” in digipak CD edition via the Russian label GS Productions on June 2015. Imbaru was formed in 2010 as the personal project of Caminante Silencioso from Casablanca, mixing neofolk elements with classical and minimalist music. His inspiration comes from the Chilean countryside and the melancholia of a life tied to the ground, far from the alienating technology-ruled cities, taking pure nature as the major influence on the work. Thus, every natural event, season, living creature and sound is considered as part of an essential energy that makes Earth work as a harmonic system. The mystery of nature, the secrets hidden by the ground, the trees and the harvest are some examples of the connection between each being and their environment that the artist wanted to portray through music. Imbaru is a pantheistic and mystical attempt to recreate every shade of light wandering the meadows, hills and bleak ravines by borrowing the melodies, sounds and silence proper of rural lands.

Imbaru have released 4 wonderful full-length albums so far, “El Cerro y la Penumbra” in 2011, “Las Cadenas del Epitafio” in 2012, “De la Tierra a la Aurora” in 2013 and “Eternos en la Pradera” in 2014. All of them are available for free download in the band’s official Facebook profile, but they were also released in deluxe 6-panel digipak CD editions by GS Productions. “Series Oníricas“, digitally released in 2013, is the first compilation of piano pieces by Imbaru and some of these pieces have been used in the conceptual albums. It will also come in 6-panel digipak CD via GS Productions on June 2015. Imbaru is currently working in a new concept album, to be finished by the end of 2015. The recording of this album marks a philosophical and mystical vision of nature linked to the southern lands of Chile.

1. Oníricos I – Ópalo
2. Oníricos II – Soles
3. Oníricos III – Hojas y Escarlata
4. Oníricos IV – El Aromo
5. Oníricos V – Apertura a la Niebla
6. Oníricos VI – Llovizna
7. Oníricos VII – Preludio a la Floresta
8. Oníricos VIII – Yampai
9. Oníricos IX – Vientos Otoñales
10. Oníricos X – El Aroma del Jardín
11. Oníricos XI – Aurora

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