CARN DÛM reveal upcoming debut album details

CARN DUM - Carn Dum

German epic black metallers Carn Dûm are proud to inform you that their debut full-length album will be released on the 6th of June 2015. The album, named “Carn Dûm” as well, contains 9 new songs and a remake of the song “Nacht“, all in all 10 songs with a total playing time of nearly 45 minutes. It will be released by their label Dominance of Darkness. A few weeks ago, the band announced a more atmospheric sound and they tried to create a gloom epic wall of sound for the new album. They have unveiled the cover artwork and the complete tracklist. A trailer of all songs on it will be published next days…

1. Duath
2. Burz         
3. Und es ward Winter…
4. Morgul – Metamorphose des Seins
5. Wandelnd im Dämmerlicht
6. Eine neue Macht erhebt sich…
7. Marsch auf Fornost
8. Begraben in Dunkelheit
9. Dämmerung
10. Nacht

Carn Dûm @ Facebook
Carn Dûm @ Bandcamp


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