ASKIVAL – Eternity

ASKIVAL – Eternity

Origin: United Kingdom
Genre: Epic Black Metal Folk Acoustic
Label: Darker Than Black Records
Year: 2009

Askival was founded in 2006 by its only member Tuagh and after the demo “Alba” he released the debut and only full-length album “Eternity”. Tuagh comes from the island Rùm of Scotland and the band took its name from the highest mountain of the island. After the release of this album, Tuagh abandoned Askival, so it seems that’s all we will ever get from this band.

The music of Askival is epic pagan metal with some Bathory influences. They use many acoustic guitars and there are big parts in the songs where they actually play acoustic folk / epic ambient music. The compositions are very good, while the use of folk instruments and synths enrich their sound and help Tuagh create a unique pagan atmosphere. There are times when you feel you can almost “smell” the nature… The thematology of the album is about ancient Scotland, paganism and nature and their music is in complete harmony with them. Vocals are also very good and except the black metal parts, there are also epic clean ones, whispering vocals, as well as female vocals with the participation of Runahild from Eliwagar on 2 songs. Whenever electric guitars make their appearance they bring a melancholic, but warm feeling in the songs. The sound is not the best you can find, but it really doesn’t matter at all because the pure honest emotion of their music covers everything else.

It is really a pity that this band split up in 2009, but at least this album lasts for more than an hour, so we can get a complete taste of their music. The album is released by Darker Than Black with a very nice booklet designed by Kogaion Art. So if you like epic pagan metal and acoustic folk music, Askival is a very nice choice. You can also visit their myspace and Facebook pages to listen to their music.

(In the beginning of 2012 Askival announced the band is active again and a new album is in process!)


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Askival @ Facebook
Askival @ MySpace

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