GJELDRUNE release new EP

GJELDRUNE - V Parusah Cveta Zari

Russian folk metallers GjeldRune from Moscow have announced the release of their new EP “В Парусах Цвета Зари” on May 15th, 2015. The EP will be initially available for free download from their official page and it will later be released on CD too. ”В Парусах Цвета Зари” was recorded from July 2014 until January 2015 at Forest Sound Studio (Dubna, Russia), Life Sound Studio (Moscow, Russia) and CDM-Records (Moscow, Russia). Mixing and mastering is by Sergey Lazar (CDM-Records, Arkona). GjeldRune have already unveiled the complete tracklist and the cover artwork of their EP, illustrated by Mayhem Studio with the assistance of Sergey Ryasik.

1. В Парусах Цвета Зари                
2. Волчья
3. Зеленый Склон (re-recorded)
4. Ворон, Волк и Сокол (Волколак cover)
5. Палец на Спуск (acoustic)

GjeldRune official page
GjeldRune @ Facebook
GjeldRune @ Twitter
GjeldRune @ VK


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