HARMASAR release new song

HARMASAR - Vaslui 1475

Moldovan folk pagan metallers Harmasar from Chisinau have just released the single “Vaslui 1475“. Harmasar is a new band formed in September 2013 and this song is a tribute to the Battle of Vaslui, fought 540 years ago, on January 10, 1475. Harmasar participated in a contest for new born alternative bands, called “POT Music” (POT = Powering Our Talents). This project was supported by the Swiss agency for development and cooperation and Harmasar won the first place! As a prize they recorded this song. “Vaslui 1475” is currently available in their official YouTube profile and you can watch it below. The band is in its beginning and they need and deserve your support!

Maxim Miller – vocals            
Daniel Bozu – guitars
Ștefan Gîlcă – bass guitars
Pavel Ungureanu – flutes
Mircea Grosu – drums

Harmasar @ Facebook


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