AD PLENITATEM LUNAE prepare new single


Two months ago, Italian folk metallers Ad Plenitatem Lunae from Gemona Del Friuli, Udine released the internet single “Acuile Uarbe“. If you enjoyed it, there are great news for you. On June 1st, 2015 the band will release its new single, entitled “Grame“, a song about the unavoidability of the end, but also a reminder that for every end there is a new start and for every death there is new life blooming. “Grame” is once again self produced and recorded, and like the last single it will be available for free download in Ad Plenitatem Lunae’s official page. The wonderful cover artwork is made by the band members and specifically by Giulio Martinelli, Nakia Spizzo and Buttolo Ermes. It is of the same aesthetic with the cover of the previous single, since both of them were shot at the same day.


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