COMPETITION: Win 2 copies of “Emerald Night – Во Мраке / Per Umbras” CD

EMERALD NIGHT - Vo Mrake - Per Umbras

SoundAge Productions offers 2 copies of Emerald Night’s new full-length album “Во Мраке / Per Umbras” to give away to our readers. If you want to win one of these CDs, visit our official page at Facebook to participate to the competition until the 30th of May 2015. ”Во Мраке / Per Umbras” is the seventh full-length album of the Russian symphonic folk black metallers Emerald Night, released in May 2015 via the Russian label SoundAge Productions. It is the most heavy and diverse album of Emerald Night up to date, full of dramatic scenes and bright catchy tunes that will please the fans of the band.

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