TEARS OF REGRET reveal upcoming album details

TEARS OF REGRET - The Darkness Prophecy

Melodic black metal band Tears of Regret from Jordan and Iraq will soon release its debut full-length album, entitled “The Darkness Prophecy“. The band was formed in 2013 with the intention to combine atmospheric black metal, doom and ambient metal, having a lyrical concept about ancient history, evil, darkness, revenge, war, tragedy, etc. In December 2013 they released the demo EP “Tears of Regret” via Depressive Illusions Records. In the end of 2014 the band’s line-up was finalized and their new music style changed to melodic black metal. Tears of Regret will soon finish the recording of their new album which took place in their home studio, between Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Mixing and mastering is by NAZZ. “The Darkness Prophecy” will be released digitally at first and then they intend to release it on CD and vinyl with the right label. They have already unveiled the cover artwork, designed by Odai, the album tracklist, as well as the track “My Suffering” that you can listen in their official pages below.

1. Intro
2. My Suffering
3. World of Isthmuses
4. The Darkness Prophecy
5. The Fallen
6. The Path of Sin
7. Sorrow Field
8. Forbidden from Regret
9. Time Ignorant
10. Outro
Bounce Track
1. A Message to the Humans

Odai – vocals, lyrics
Yousef – guitars
Hussein – Bass, drums, keyboards, music composition
Fahad – drums

Tears of Regret @ Facebook
Tears of Regret @ Twitter
Tears of Regret @ Bandcamp


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