SOJOURNER release debut single

SOJOURNER - Heritage of the Natural Realm

Sojourner is a new epic atmospheric black metal band from Dunedin, New Zealand and Malmö, Sweden. It is the joining of musicians that share the same passion for the atmospheres and beauty of black metal, folk music, nature, and fantasy. Sojourner were formed in the beginning of 2015 by Emilio (also vocals in Nangilima), Mike L. (also guitarist & composer of Lysithea) and Chloe. “Heritage of the Natural Realm” is their debut single from their as-yet-untitled upcoming album. It was released digitally on May 23, 2015 and it is available in their official Bandcamp page. The beautiful cover art is “Roman Campagna” by Thomas Cole, 1843. The band is working on its debut full-length album that will be hopefully released this year. Fans of Saor (ex-Arsaidh), Caladan Brood, Zgard, etc. better check them. The same goes for labels. I am really impressed by “Heritage of the Natural Realm” and if the full album is at the same level, the future is theirs…

Emilio – vocals & lyrics
Mike L. – music
Chloe – music & vocals

Sojourner @ Facebook
Sojourner @ Bandcamp


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  1. Those are nice sounds ! Good atmosphere !

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