ISTAPP reveal upcoming album details

ISTAPP - Frostbiten

True Blekingsk black metal band Istapp from Sweden has just revealed the cover artwork, tracklist and the date of its upcoming full-length album “Frostbiten“, which will be released by TrollZorn Records on August 7th 2015. Once, planet earth was covered in snow, ice and glaciers. Then the foul solar depending creatures swarmed the earth with its repulsive existence. Now it is time to reverse the process and recreate Snowball Earth. Istapp finally presents an antidote for the sun and its worshipers, entitled “Frostbiten“. Stronger than ever, Fjalar and Isar bring forth the Absolute Zero and march for the final extermination of the burning star. Join forces and die a honorable death or prepare yourselves for eternal torment.

1. Apep
2. Frostbiten                         
3. Kall(elsen)
4. Skoll
5. Primum Frigidum
6. Polcirkelns Herre
7. Fimbulvinter
8. Må Det Aldrig Töa
9. Vinterland
10. Vit Makt

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