ALKONOST unveil new LP details

ALKONOST - Tales of Wanderings

Russian epic folk metallers Alkonost have announced their first vinyl release ever, entitled “Tales of Wanderings“. It is the English version of band’s 2013 album “Сказки Странствий” and will be released on August 20, 2015 by Beverina Productions, the same label that published the first Alkonost album as tape release, back in 2000…  “Tales of Wanderings” is not just a re-issue of the original album with translated tracklist and English notes. This album is fully re-worked and re-arranged with English lyrics and all female lead vocals are performed by the band’s new vocalist! It also comes with completely new artwork. “Tales of Wanderings” can be actually considered as a fully stand-alone album. It will be released as picture LP, limited to 250 copies in heavy PVC sleeve with additional both sides printed and A3 size inlay. It is already available for pre-order in Beverina’s official Bandcamp page, where you can also listen to 3 tracks of the album.

1. The Sword of Fate
2. Behind the Horizon
3. Tales of Wandering
4. Night Time
5. Wonderland
6. Winds & Storms
7. All Alone (Lonliness Time)
8. The Eerie (Gods Tower cover)

Alkonost official page
Alkonost @ Facebook
Alkonost @ VK


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