IRMINSUL – Irminsul

IRMINSUL – Irminsul

Origin: Sweden
Genre: Folk Pagan Metal
Label: Det Germanske Folket
Year: 2009

Irminsul is a new band coming from Sweden that was formed in 2005. Since then, they released two demos “Vinterskalder” in 2006 and “Urberg” in 2007 and now they release their debut album that contains all songs from the demos re-arranged, plus new songs.

Their music is Scandinavian folk pagan metal and they are one of these bands that try to explore their own sound. Irmisnul’s strong card is their beautiful melodies in the vocals. Their music isn’t very extreme and most of the time they move in mid-tempo rhythm. Electric guitars play melodic riffs, while acoustic and bass guitars are very dominant in their sound. They also use violins to carry out most of the folk tunes and there is a nice balance in their sound. Coming to the vocals now, they use growling ones, combining them with very good clean male and female vocals. All songs have very melodic refrains with really beautiful vocal lines with a characteristic Scandinavian folk style. The overall result is very melodic and they belong to the “light” versions of this genre, something that I don’t tell in a negative manner.

I don’t know if they use existing traditional tunes, or if they compose all folk melodies on their own, but either way the result is amazing. A real journey to the Swedish folklore and nature that except for their music it is also described in their lyrics, all in their native language. The production isn’t the best and the band is somewhere between the underground and the mainstream scene, being closer to the second though. Even if their sound isn’t very solid or powerful, they manage to build an epic folk atmosphere in their album that will be enjoyed by most fans of folk metal. If you want to listen to their music you can visit their official pages below.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Irminsul @ Myspace

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