MISTUR – Attende

MISTUR – Attende

Origin: Norway
Genre: Epic Black Metal Viking Metal
Label: Einheit Produktionen
Year: 2009

Another great band comes from the mountains and fjords of Sogndal in Norway, the place that gave us Windir. The band begun in 2003 as a two members’ project and they released the amazing demo “Skoddefjellet” in 2005. This 4-song demo left many promises and got very positive reviews. So now, 4 years later, they release their debut album “Attende” with Einheit Produktionen.

Mistur have now a complete line-up, something that makes their sound much richer compared to their demo. They also have Stian Bakketeig (lead guitarist of Windir) in their ranks, so some riffs might remind you of them… Even if there are some similarities with Windir, don’t expect to listen to a clone. Mistur have a very different approach in their music. Their Viking metal is strongly influenced by dark classical music and they orchestrate their songs with amazing keyboards. Their music is epic, melancholic and melodic at the same time, without many folk elements. They use mainly piano and symphonic synths to accompany their songs and I can say they both work perfectly, giving the band its personal sound. Most of the time, vocals are black metal screams with some clean ones. Odne (he also runs another great band, called Sigtyr) is in my opinion one of the best singers of the genre. Mistur lyrics are all in Norwegian dealing with Viking mythology.

Attende” is a really great album of dark, epic, symphonic, Viking black metal that moves in mid-tempo rhythms. The work in the composition of the melodies is remarkable and the songs really captivate the listener. The combination of the melodic lead guitars and synths is excellent and the best moment is this album is the song “Skoddefjellet” from the first demo. The artwork of the album is made by Kris Verwimp, the master of the genre… If you like bands like Windir and Cor Scorpii, you probably already have this album. Otherwise, you should really check their music and be enchanted like me.


Rating:  (9/10)

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