IN TORMENTATA QUIETE – Teatroelementale

IN TORMENTATA QUIETE – Teatroelementale

Origin: Italy
Genre: Avant-garde Metal Extreme Progressive Metal Melodic Black Metal
Label: My Kingdom Music
Year: 2009

It was back in 2005 when I got at my hands the debut same-titled album from In Tormentata Quiete. I remember I liked their unique music very much and I was always wondering if they are going to continue. There was almost no info in their official site, so I was certain that they split up. How mistaken was I! Now, 4 years later, they return with their second work “Teatroelementale” a brilliant masterpiece, deserving every single second of waiting!

ITQ come from Bologna of Italy and they were formed in 1998. It’s really not easy at all to describe their music, since I don’t know all these music genres they are influenced from. But what counts most is the final result. And it’s definitely amazing, innovative and unique, like nothing you have ever heard from another band. Anyway, in order to get an idea, I would say their music is a mix of progressive metal and rock, extreme avant-garde metal, black metal, traditional Italian music, even with some classical and jazz influences. In most such experiments (successful ones) the result is impressive and original, but it usually stops there. In ITQ’s case though, they manage to create really captivating songs, not just complexity for complexity. There are amazing melodies, powerful outbursts and above all EMOTION!

The orchestrations and structures of the compositions are very complex and require amazing skills. Their sound is unbelievably solid, considering the countless influences and the use of so many different styles in each song. Of course, apart for the typical metal instruments, they also use keyboards, piano, violin and saxophone. The most characteristic element of ITQ though, is their unique vocals. They use melodic clean male vocals not in a “metal” style (Giovanni Notarangelo), combined with really extreme screams (Marco Vitale) and female vocals, all in great harmony with each other. They move easily from one style and mood to another and they know how to “play” with emotions. In one moment they sink you in melancholy and in the next they “push” you to scream out full of rage, releasing all hatred from you. I would say their music is “cathartic” and liberating…

The CD is released by My Kingdom Music, with a very artistic booklet, that matches the quality of their music. Even though they are still unknown don’t expect an underground release. Their production and sound really kicks ass! If you want to order the CD you can visit their label’s page for more details ( For me, this is one of the best releases in 2009 and I recommend it to every open-minded metalhead. Of course I know that their unusual melodies and approach might seem strange to many, but then again experiments have their risk. For me though, In Tormentata Quiete’s second experiment “Teatroelementale” was a complete success! You can visit also their official pages below to listen to their music.


Rating:  (9,5/10)

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In Tormentata Quiete @ Myspace

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