IRFAN reveal new album details

IRFAN - The Eternal Return

Bulgarian world music band Irfan is back with a new album, entitled “The Eternal Return“, 8 years after the majestic album “Seraphim“. The new masterpiece counts 10 titles; it travels from the Sahara desert, to the Siberian steppes via the Gardens of Jerusalem and even the mystical worlds of Hildegarde Von Bingen. “The Eternal Return” was recorded with the original singer of the band, Denitza Seraphimova and it will be released officially on July 10th 2015 in France and on September 21st in the rest of the world. It will be released via Mandalia Music, a branch of the cult French label Prikosnovenie in digipak CD edition with 20-page booklet. It is already available for order in their label’s web-shop.         

The male / female vocal duo unavoidably reminds us of Dead Can Dance. The flutes are hypnotic and the voices transcendental. Transcendence is all across the album, together with the theme of the eternal return, return to our original source, the Garden of Eden. How can we best define this album? Overpowering? Mystical? Dreamlike? Romantic? Touched by divine grace? All at once. The quintet gathers the Earth, the Sky, the fire and water in a kind of modern liturgy which honors the past, the Egyptian, the medieval and the Christian cultures. This journey, through numerous oriental instruments such as oud, santoor, psalterion, daf, bodhran, duduk, ney and kaval, elevates us to the level of Life’s mystery. May Irfan’s music allow you to dream, dance, sing and see beyond the veil of illusions to taste the beauty of now / the present moment. Irfan will do a tour in 2015 to introduce their new album to the public.

1. The Eternal Return
2. The Cave of Swimmers
3. Burana
4. Salamender
5. In the Gardens of Armida
6. Ispariz
7. The Golden Horn
8. Tebe Poem
9. Day to Pray
10. Nehet

Ivaylo Petrov – oud, baglama saz, cura saz, cumbus oud, tambura, santoor, psalterion, programming, arrangement
Kalin Yordanov – vocals, daf, bodhran, arrangement
Petar Todorov – darbouka, tombak, djembe, riq, electronic percussion pad
Yasen Lazarov – duduk, ney, kaval, harmonium
Denitza Seraphim – vocals

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