SALTUS unveil upcoming EP details

SALTUS - Jednosc

Polish pagan black death metal band Saltus from Warsaw has announced that its new EP, which is entitled “Jedność“, will be out on the 29th of June 2015. The album will be released in a digipak edition CD by Eastside Records and Eye Distribution. This EP will be a forerunner of the upcoming full-length album that the band is currently preparing under working name “Jam Jest Samon – I am Samon“. The lyrical concept of “Jedność“, which actually works as an introduction for the full-length album, is about Samon, the founder of the first Slavic country. Each song (even on EP, besides the 2 cover songs) contains a part of whole history, how Samon managed to become the great founder, his struggle with enemies, covenants with others kings, etc. Saltus have already revealed the EP tracklist and unveiled the cover art that has been prepared by Daniel Rusiłowicz, known for his collaboration with bands like Hate and UnSun.

1. Ojcowizna (Fatherland)
2. Słowiańska Jedność (Slavic Unity)
3. Damned in Black
4. Curse you all Men!
5. Przed Bitwą… (Before the Battle… )

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