LUX DIVINA – From the Tomb to Nature’s Blood

LUX DIVINA – From the Tomb to Nature's Blood

Origin: Spain
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Ars Magna Recordings
Year: 2009

Lux Divina isn’t a new band. They are from Barcelona, Spain and they were formed back in 1998. After one demo, they released the EP “Occasus Caeremonia” in 2001 and a promo in 2003. In 2004 they released a compilation album that contained their 3 aforementioned works, entitled “New Days for the Ancient Wisdom”. They played pagan black metal with some synths, but since they actually never made a full-length album and they had many line-up changes, they somehow lacked of “personality”. So I was curious to see what they will offer in their debut album, after so many years, with a refreshed line-up.

From the first “spins” I realized there was a huge improvement in everything! The band has definitely changed its sound a lot. First of all, synths are totally vanished and guitars are the leading instrument now. Their sound is very clear and sharp, helped by a professional production. “From the Tomb to Nature’s Blood” is a very original-sounding album, a unique mixture of pagan and progressive black metal. Electric and acoustic guitars are combined very well with the powerful drums into a solid result. Their rhythm and mood changes from enraged parts, to melodic avant-garde passages and acoustic interludes. What make this album stand much above average works of the genre are the excellent vocals! Norax has done an amazing work, both in the screaming parts and in the clean melodic vocals. He is very capable to fluently express all the different emotions and atmospheres of this album. Especially his clean vocals are enchanting (with the exception of song “Serpent’s Philosophy”, where it sounds somehow strange in my ears…) and I believe he is one of the most gifted singers of this style around.

Their biggest inspiration comes from their love to Mother Nature and ancient civilizations, as it is reflected in their beautiful lyrics. The whole work is characterized by a melancholic, melodic, “nature driven” mood. All compositions sound very interesting and complex and the band skillfully manages to merge all its influences into a solid and well-played album. Overall “From the Tomb to Nature’s Blood” is an impressive comeback from Lux Divina that shouldn’t escape any pagan black metal fan. It is released by the American label Ars Magna Recordings and you can visit their official pages for some songs.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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