MIDVINTERBLOT reveal debut EP details


Swedish folk metallers Midvinterblot from Stockholm have announced the release date of their debut EP “Gryning“. The Middle Ages inspired it, beer made it happen: “Gryning” EP  will be out on July 24th, 2015 in digipak CD edition, as well as free download. Midvinterblot were founded in October 2010 by Pamela “Trollgumma” Wasiluk and Stefan Stolica. The band has been working on its own material ever since and was mostly focused on live gigs which resulted in the band only having one demo recording. During the two years of the band’s existence, some smaller changes in line-up have occurred and the band currently includes eight members. “Gryning” EP will contain five tracks, four in English, one in Swedish. The band has already unveiled the cover artwork by Alexandra Linn and the album tracklist.

1. Gryning
2. The Feast
3. Spell of Night
4. Under the Barrel
5. Demise


Pamela “Trollgumma” Wasiluk – vocals
Fisk – vocals
Samuel Byström – drums
Måns Carlbring – guitars
Anton Trollmania – guitars
Stefan Stolica – wind instruments
Sten Oskar ”Trollpung” Johansson – bass
Sebastian Rosengren – violin

Midvinterblot official page
Midvinterblot @ Facebook
Midvinterblot @ Twitter


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