CRY OF SILENCE – Wandering Through Pagan Times

CRY OF SILENCE – Wandering Through Pagan Times

Origin: Greece
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Zyklon-B Productions
Year: 2009

The second album from Cry of Silence is just released. This Hellenic black metal band was formed in 2006 by Granath (who is also in Sarvari) and in 2007 released the debut album “Walking Through the Eternal Tragedy” with the label Zyklon-B Productions. This time Cry of Silence got a second member, Tatiana, who contributed with her female vocals.

Their music is raw pagan black metal with a very depressive atmosphere. Compared to their first album, the basic difference is the addition of Tatiana’s vocals. In this type of underground black metal, aethereal female vocals aren’t that common. Many people won’t accept them at all, but I have to say that the will of the band to experiment made a positive impression to me. Tatiana has a very soft and beautiful voice, but I think that sometimes sounds a bit out-of-tune with the guitars. There are though some moments where the result is very good and everything seems to be at the right place, but this isn’t all the time. So, despite the fact that they seem to have the potential to make something really interesting, I think that this time the result isn’t the desired. These moments though, where everything works, are very good. So I believe that the band should continue this “marriage” of pagan black metal and female vocals, but with much more work…

Except for the female vocals, the rest of the music in “Wandering Through Pagan Times” is typical raw black metal, with a very underground production and sound. Granath’s amazing shrieking vocals add a lot to the pagan sorrowful atmosphere of his songs. Guitars are in front of all other instruments and follow sad melodic lines in a mid-tempo rhythm. There are a few (I think) synths, totally in the background, as well as acoustic guitars is some more tranquil parts. Most of the time female vocals are used as an “instrument” that carries out the lead melodies, singing just the music notes rather than words. Lyrics are in English, except some of the female vocals in the intro and outro that are in an eastern European language I think (don’t ask me which one though). They are inspired by nature and pagan themes, something that is obvious in the beautiful forest photographs in the booklet.

Overall “Wandering Through Pagan Times” is a very interesting release that deserves your attention. It also has great artwork in the cover, painted by Granath, who also made the logo and took the photos of the booklet. It is released by Zyklon-B Productions in LP and CD as well as in a limited to 100 pieces A5 digibook.


Rating:  (8/10)

Cry of Silence @ Myspace

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