GRIM SKÖLL unveil upcoming album details

GRIM SKOLL - At the Gates of Glory

Mexican pagan ambient black metal band Grim Sköll, the personal project of Baal Taran (also in Benatnash, Eidyllion, Dazhbog), will soon release its latest work entitled “At the Gates of Glory“. It is their fourth full-length album and will be out this August via Room Productions. “At the Gates of Glory” includes seven hymns dedicated to the heathen honor and pagan pride of the worship of the Mother Earth. Offering a great step up in the sound evolution of the band, this new album is a perfect choice for pagan black metal enthusiasts. The vocal participation of Salai Ereshkigal (Benatnash, Eidyllion) on choirs and Silvana Massa’s art in the cover sleeve and inlay art of the album, add even more points to this release. This new opus offers the best stuff the band has ever created. The echoes of the pagan Motherland are surrounded by the mists of the upcoming era…

1. Glare of the Thunders
2. At the Gates of Glory
3. Devoured into the Dimness
4. Boski Ogień
5. Immortality is Awaiting Us
6. Into the Warhorn’s Roar
7. The Vastness of Mist Spirit

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