ANCESTRAL RHYMES – The Cosmic Law (Demo)


Origin: Greece
Genre: Ambient Atmospheric Black Metal Experimental
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

Ancestral Rhymes is a new ambitious band from Trikala, Greece. The two members of the band (Dimitris: all instruments and vocals, Sofia: keyboards) begun in 2007 and this demo EP is their first work.

It isn’t easy to describe their music, since they have a very personal and unique sound. In their site they are labeled as “black metal and ambient”, but that’s not very accurate in my opinion. Keyboards have a very important role in their music. All the melodies are based on them and the guitars (when they appear) seem to have an accompanying rhythmic role. Their music sounds mainly like an epic soundtrack that “dresses” their mythological subjects. Some of the songs are instrumental, while others have a few screaming black vocals and many male recitations, both in ancient Greek and English language.

The orchestrations and the mixing are made in a way that all the songs give you the impression they are instrumental, since vocals are mainly in the background. The result is very dark and atmospheric, with many interesting melodies. It has at the same time an epic medieval battle mood, as well as ancient Hellenic civilization nostalgia in an almost ritualistic approach. The production of course could be better (and must get better in the future), because this kind of almost orchestral music becomes much more interesting with a solid and “real” sound. On the other hand, this is the first effort of the band and actually a demo EP, recorded in the home studio of the band, so it would be almost “unreal” to expect a better result!

If you like experimental soundtrack-like black metal and have a love for our ancient civilization you can check this band. You can find some samples in their myspace page. “The Cosmic Law” is released in a very professionally printed CD-r, with an 8-page booklet with lyrics and info about the songs and beautiful photos of Greek monuments and landscapes. You can contact the band at their page to get a copy. They also have an “Experimental / Soundtracks / Film music / Electroacoustic” project named Velorum Delta for those who are interested.


Rating:  (9/10)

Ancestral Rhymes @ Myspace

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