SVIATIBOR will soon release an ambient album

SVIATIBOR - Discovery of a Blazing Emptiness

French pagan ambient black metal band Sviatibor, the personal project of Thomas Hornstein, has announced the upcoming release of its very first ambient full-length album “Discovery of a Blazing Emptiness” through Deivlforst Records! This album is a break in Sviatibor’s history. It will take you in a journey, a journey through the depths of space and time. You will first be contemplating the ocean, sparkling with reflections of stars, then, you will see a hole in the clouds, that will take you to a new dimension, a blazing emptiness, in which you will travel, travel, again and again, until even the notion of time changes. Changes so much, that when you’re coming back to this wonderful planet, our sacred Earth, she’s no more… This journey is offered by the might of one of the greatest instruments in this world: the organ. Along with deeply atmospheric pads. ”Discovery of a Blazing Emptiness” will be available in a few weeks on tape format through Deivlforst Records’ Bandcamp page. All music composed, recorded and mixed by Sviatibor, mastered by Grimrik. Front cover artwork (made by Sviatibor), along with album tracklist is already unveiled.

1. Above the Ocean of Stars
2. A Hole in the Nightsky
3. Discovery of a Blazing Emptiness
4. Time Is Changing
5. Return Journey (Extinct Earth)

Sviatibor official page
Sviatibor @ Facebook
Sviatibor @ Bandcamp


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