RAVENTALE – Long Passed Days

RAVENTALE – Long Passed Days

Origin: Ukraine
Genre: Doom Metal Epic Black Metal
Label: BadMoodMan Music
Year: 2008

This is the second album by this new Ukrainian band, after their debut “On A Crystal Swing” in 2006. Astaroth created this band in 2005 and he plays everything on Raventale, since it’s his personal project. In their debut the band had a black metal oriented sound, while this time the music changed a lot.

Black metal elements are still obvious, but many doom metal influences are also added. A slow heavy tempo is dominant in the whole album and sorrowful keyboards accompany the sad riffing of the guitars. There are only few vocals in the songs and most of them sound rather like spoken words, all in black metal style, but not very extreme. Lyrics deal about nature and epic themes and are performed in the Ukrainian language. The result is a very dark, atmospheric album that has at the same time a warm, epic mood. The orchestrations are actually very good, with a rich sound, helped by the excellent use of synths that sometimes sound very symphonic and majestic… On the other hand, guitars have a more simple “structure” moving on dark doom scales and rhythms. This work is based on emotions and feelings, created by simple, but beautiful melodies, resulting in a lonely depressing atmosphere. Raventale make also an interesting cover on Anathema’s “Sunset of the Age”, which sounds like one with the rest of the album!

“Long Passed Days” is a very well produced album, with dark epic compositions that might interest both fans of doom and epic black metal. Even though it is not a work that will offer something totally new and original, it has a certain quality and an unusual charm, which made it stay many days in my play-list. You can visit their official pages to listen to some of their songs and judge for yourselves.


Rating:  (8/10)

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