SIEGHETNAR – Bewußtseinserweiterung

SIEGHETNAR – Bewußtseinserweiterung

Origin: Germany
Genre: Ambient Black Metal
Label: Azermedoth Records
Year: 2008

Sieghetnar is a very mysterious band from Germany with very little “official” info about them. They were founded in 2005 by an unknown number of members (I have the feeling though that it’s just one man’s project) and they have released many albums since 2006. In 2008 they had 5 (!!!) releases and “Bewußtseinserweiterung” is one of them.

Theoretically their music belongs to the black metal genre, but all of the songs are only instrumental with many drone, ambient and post-rock references. In this album there are only four songs, one 2-minute intro, 2 songs over 10 minutes each and the last one is over 30 minutes. Their music isn’t extreme at all. It is very atmospheric, dark and depressive, with an excellent sense of sad melody. Their songs are mid tempo, with guitars and keyboards having equal importance in their compositions. There aren’t real drums and the production is just average, but nothing more is needed in this genre… There are many ambient parts in the songs, where the band shows a more mystical face, and parts when guitars become dominant. And there it is where I’d like to listen to some “liberating” black metal screaming! But I don’t . Anyway their music is very good and the final result hypnotizes the listener to a dark, slow and pleasant “torture”…

All Sieghetnar releases are more than decent and you can find many of them in various web-shops or local stores. In some of them there are also black metal vocals, but “Bewußtseinserweiterung” belongs to their more tranquil releases. So if you like this kind of ambient, drone, instrumental black metal, don’t hesitate. If you visit their label’s “audio” section you can listen to their music:


Rating:  (9/10)


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