DYRNWYN reveal upcoming EP details

DYRNWYN - Ad Memoriam

Italian folk metallers Dyrnwyn from Rome are proud to announce their 6-track debut EP called “Ad Memoriam“, which will be released in the fall of 2015 both in digital and CD format. Dyrnwyn were formed in 2012 and released the 4-track demo “Fatherland” in 2013. They play pagan folk metal, mixing heavy, folk and black metal with a growl and screaming vocals. In their songs they always put in first place the melodies of flute and keyboards without sacrificing the brutality. The band’s lyrics are about the history of ancient Rome, and in ”Ad Memoriam” you’ll find some episodes about it, from Romolo and Remo to the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. Dyrnwyn have already unveiled the artwork by Gianmarco Colalongo (ex Draugr, Sturmkaiser), as well as the album tracklist.

1. Ad Memoriam
2. Sangue Fraterno
3. Sigillum
4. Tubilustrium
5. Ultima Quiete
6. Teutoburgo

Thanatos – vocals
Ivan Cenerini – bass
Rick Deckard – rhythm guitars
Vidarr Aesir – lead guitars
Ivan Coppola – drums
Michela Luciani – flutes
Michelangelo Iacovella – keyboards

Dyrnwyn @ Facebook
Dyrnwyn @ Twitter
Dyrnwyn @ Bandcamp


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