TÝR – By the Light of the Northern Star

TYR - By the Light of the Northern Star

Origin: Faroe Islands
Genre: Epic Metal Viking Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2009

Fifth full length album from Týr is out, one year after their previous effort “Land”. Týr is one of the few bands that come from the remote Faroe Islands, north of Denmark and they play Viking metal (their origin definitely gives them the inspiration for this)! They were formed in 1998 and after two albums they signed in Napalm Records, where they released 2 more albums, as well as the re-releases of their first albums. Now it’s time for their new album “By the Light of the Northern Star” once again by Napalm.

If you have listened to any of their previous works, you know what to expect from Týr: epic folk heavy metal with a Viking orientation. They have created a very characteristic and personal sound that makes them easily recognizable, especially Heri Joensen’s vocals. Whether he sings alone, or he has the leading vocals in the choir, his clean vocals have a very epic Viking touch. Most of the melodic lines in the songs are in the vocals. Guitars have a more rhythmic role, except when they follow (or complete) the melodies of the refrains. Lyrics, like always, are in some songs in English (most of them this time) and in others in their native language. When they sing in Faeroese, the songs have a more folk approach, but this time I believe that they reduced the folk elements in their music, having a more epic, heavy mood. The production is crystal clear and their album has a very powerful sound with many good melodies.

Even though they are very good at what they do, it’s my personal opinion that they need refreshment in the future, in order to avoid repetition. Of course “By the Light of the Northern Star” is a very well composed and solid album, recommended to fans of Viking heavy metal. Except for the normal jewel case, it is also released in a limited digipak version with a bonus DVD “Live At Wacken 2007″. You can also visit their official pages to listen to their music.


Rating:  (8/10)

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