TROLLFEST – Villanden

TROLLFEST – Villanden

Origin: Norway
Genre: Folk Extreme Metal
Label: Twilight Vertrieb
Year: 2008

“These Norwegians are crazy…” like Obelix would say! This is the third album from this weird band that exists from 2003. Those of you who have listened to their debut “Willkommen Folk Tell Drekka Fest!” in 2005 or “Brakebein” in 2006, might think you expect what you will listen in this album. NOT!

Trollfest’s music was always folk black metal with very fast riffs, extreme vocals and happy, drinking, troll, folk melodies. They sounded like a faster and more “funny” version of Finntroll, using the characteristic Norwegian traditional instruments, accordion, whistles, etc. But this time they decided to change their influences. This group of drunken trolls left the middle-earth battles and together with their grenade-like duck (!! see artwork) decided to travel to the Balkan and Middle-Eastern lands. From the very beginning they mix their humppa metal with Balkan and oriental melodies in a very unique result! Whether you see this effort as a parody of the folk scene, or as a “serious” effort, Trollfest are undoubtedly very good at what they do!

They have managed to merge traditional eastern music with their black metal, by using oriental scales in their guitar lines, together with local folk instruments. They are definitely very skillful musicians and their sound is crystal clear. They still use very aggressive black vocals, as well as some choirs in the refrains. They have also maintained their personal sound, even though they totally changed their folk music’s origin. Their orchestrations are really very rich and it’s really too hard to count how many different instruments they use! Unluckily they have invented a weird language of their own, so the lyrics aren’t understandable, but I bet they must be amusing…

Overall “Villanden”is a very enjoyable album (I captured myself too many times smiling with pleasure when listening to their songs), composed under the influence of gallons of beer. Sometimes they sound like a super extreme version of Emir Kusturica’s music. Their cd is released by Twilight Vertrieb, and except from the hilarious cover artwork, the booklet comes with some very weird retro photo collage of the band members (I shouldn’t forget to mention that they include a photo of ducks in every page of this collage)! If you don’t take metal always too seriously and you are interested in happy troll metal, you should definitely check Trollfest, because their music is actually very good!


Rating:  (9/10)

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