SKYFORGER official video for “Melnās Buras”

Pagan metal band Skyforger from Riga of Latvia, released its new official video for the song “Melnās buras – The Black Sails” taken from its latest album “Senprūsija – Old Prussia” out since April 6, 2015 via Thunderforge Records.

This video transports you back into the grim times of the Great Northern War (1700-1721), when several plague outbreaks hit Europe, especially around the coast of the Baltic Sea. The plague spread from Central Asia via Constantinople into Poland as it followed the Swedish army route.

Prussia was struck hardest between 1709 and 1711, when about a third of the East Prussian population was killed by plague and famine. Unfortunately, it also took the last native speakers of the Old Prussian language. Also, it struck a devastating blow to the old pagan traditions around the Baltic coast, as many of those who still kept the old ways alive, passing them from generation to generation, died in the plague and with them went a great deal of the old lore and knowledge of the Balts. It can be said that after the plague, the Old Prussians had ceased to exist as a nation.

Skyforger will embark on Polish and G/A/S tours in October 2015. You can check all details in their official pages below.

Skyforger official page
Skyforger @ Facebook
Skyforger @ Twitter


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